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– President Obama, 2015

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Hometown Pride 🌈

June 20, 2018

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In recognition of World Refugee Day — and to kick off a new QA series featuring the inaugural class of Obama Foundation Fellows — we’re interviewing Zarlasht Halaimzai, founder of Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI). Read the interview here.

June 19, 2018

On the ground at the Chicago Community Conversation

We hosted our first-ever Chicago Community Conversation to bring together people doing incredible work for communities throughout the City. EF Collection Triple Spiral Ear Cuff VVlfgevFhB

Today at the Community Conversation, I’m spending the day with the leaders who have shaped Chicago’s history and who are building its future. Let’s get to work!

June 17, 2018

On the Father’s Day Menu: Inspiration

“Our stories matter. They have power. And you never know who they’ll inspire.” Artist Lynell Jinks creates masterpieces on his childrens’ paper…

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Happy Pride Month🏳️‍🌈! Throughout June, we'll be looking back at some of the most memorable moments of LGBTQ progress during ’s time in office—like this one.👇

Happy grad season! We’ve put together a few of our favorite moments from and ’s commencement speeches throughout the years for some inspiration:

Announcing the Obama Foundation Leaders: Africa Program

Learn more about our newest program and sign up for the latest news and updates. Read more

This community taught me that ordinary people, when working together, can do extraordinary things.

President Obama

From the beginning has been an ally of spreading awareness about the importance of mentoring.

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Under no circumstances should you stop watching this video! Only here will you get the full

inversion explanation. Are you ready? Let's invert!

Inversion happens in English for emphasis, dramatic purpose or formality. In order to

invert, the normal sentence order of subject, verb and object is changed in some way. Let's

find out how. Go!

'Never had I met someone so interesting.'

Now English has a group of adverbs which limit the meaning of a verb or make it negative.

Examples are 'never', 'hardly', 'no', 'only'...and there are others. In order to change normal

sentence order, we move the negative adverbial to the beginning of the sentence and we invert

the auxiliary verb and subject. So:

'I had never met someone so interesting.' becomes

'Never had I met someone so interesting.'

In cases where the tense does not use an auxiliary verb in the affirmative, such as the present

simple or the past simple, one must be added. So, for example:

'I rarely go outside.' becomes

'Rarely do I go outside.' And

'She seldom worked very hard.' becomes

'Seldom did she work very hard.'

However, there is another level to this. Some negative or limiting adverbials require you

to complete a whole clause before the inversion takes place. It's kind of a two stage process.

So, for example:

'I didn't know what to do until I saw what had happened.'

becomes 'Not until I saw what had happened did I know

what to do.'

In this case, 'Not until I saw what had happened' is the adverbial clause. The inversion takes

place after this, in the main clause. And this is common with adverbs like 'Not' and

'Only' in the following combinations:

'Hardly' works like this too, but in the case of hardly, the inversion happens within the

adverbial clause. It is mostly used with the past perfect to signify that one action finished

just before another started. And notice the use of the connecting time words 'than' and

'when' in the examples. Are you ready?

'Hardly had I got home than the dog started barking.'

'Hardly had he got into the bath when the phone rang.'

Isn't it typical? Finally, we can use the expression 'little did they know' to mean

'wait for it' they didn't know. It's extremely dramatic and it's often found within books.

It can be quite sinister! For example:

'Little did they know that he had stolen all of their money.'

Did you get it? Of course you got it! Now, for more information please log on to our website

at I've been Dan, you've been fantastic and I'll see you next

time, ok? Let's invert!

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